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It's Time to Migrate to Android...

"The Great Mobility Migration" - From 2020, 99% of all Windows mobile devices sold from 2010-2016 will no longer be supported.

Android OS MigrationWindows-based mobile computers were the backbone of the mobile computing revolution of the , the majority of them supporting 2G or 3G wireless communications. Relying on those existing platforms has allowed companies to migrate to newer hardware while maintaining their existing investment in current software systems — and without significant
business disruption.

But all of that is changing - fast. As we've shared in previous years (See "The Migration to Android OS" from 2017), Microsoft is ending support for its existing mobile operating systems (Windows Mobile/Embedded Handheld and Windows CE), and wireless carriers are transitioning to new LTE high-speed wireless networks while ending support for their existing network infrastructure.

2019 is time to update your OS to Android, and with Zebra products, there is a guaranteed 10-year support structure in place. Zebra, the leader in enterprise Android mobile devices, has established Application Migration Services to help you make the switch without having to rewrite your applications from scratch.

"The Great Mobility Migration" eBook to learn what's needed for your Android OS Migration:

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