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“Founded on a commitment to service, accessibility and hands-on support, Advanced Mobile Group provides tailored, industry-specific mobile solutions that best meet your company’s business objectives. 

From hardware and software to integration services, Advanced Mobile Group delivers complete, end-to-end solutions from leading manufacturers—providing unparalleled value to clients of all sizes.”

Executive Management Advanced Mobile Group

Karl Herring


Karl Herring co-founded Advanced Mobile Group (AMG) in 2005 with Wynn Polin. Mr. Herring possesses more than 20 years of experience in mobile computing, wireless systems integration, sales and support.

Before founding Advanced Mobile Group, he was an East Coast Regional Account Manager for Comtech Tolt Corporation, a value-added reseller based in Gig Harbor, Wash. Karl started his career in the Auto ID industry as Senior Systems Engineer at Datavision, a provider of mobility systems and wireless platforms.

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Wynn Polin


Wynn Polin co-founded Advanced Mobile Group (AMG) in 2005 with longtime colleague Karl Herring. Mr. Polin brings over 25 years of industry experience with leading Auto ID and enterprise mobility resellers and manufacturers.

He started his career marketing the first commercially available thermal transfer printer for the retail industry. Building on that success, Mr. Polin continued to lead the industry in working closely with clients to leverage new Auto-ID and mobile computing technologies.

After the successful sale of his previous company in 2005, Mr. Polin co-founded Advanced Mobile Group with a commitment to provide the highest level of service and support to businesses of all sizes in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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