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RFID’s potential to revolutionize the Bulk Storage industry

In this case study you will learn: 

  • The unexpected challenges RFID can help 3PL's overcome
  • Which technology was used in this implementation and why
  • The timeframe for ROI and results that can be expected

Third Party Logistics providers (3PLs) play an enormous role providing logistics services and expertise to businesses that prefer not to own and manage this part of their operations. While there are varying levels of auto ID sophistication across the industry, the bulk storage segment has evolved very slowly or not at all depending on the industry.

MSC Distribution, a Dry and Liquid Bulk Package and Storage 3PL located right in the center of the “triangle” between Houston, San Antonio and Austin, recently discovered the value that advanced auto ID technology can bring to their business by implementing a RFID tracking solution. Their example provides an ideal case study that shows how the bulk storage industry can improve margins, velocity and turns and leverage these insights and metrics into a competitive advantage to grow business.

 Download the case study to learn more.